Objects and Dreamweaver behaviors are coming faster and faster these days. Here's a brief look of some of coolest Dreamweaver extensions that were posted in the last month. Apologies to any object or behavior creators that I may have missed. Drop me a line and I'll include you in the next Roundup.

BREN'S DREAMWEAVER LOUNGE A hip site for cool dreamers. Know any other object repositories with background music? Great new objects as well - all by Brendan Dawes.

Beatnik 1.1
A revised version of Bren's Beatnik object that allows you to visually choose the control panel setting.
RealVideo 1.0
Embeds the RealVideo plugin with special switches for setting the Play button and Position bar.
Automatically generates all you need to use the Response-o-matic guestbook system. No CGI programming required.
Multiple Redirect
An action that allows you to redirect visitors to 3 different URLs depending on their browser type, version, and/or platform.

YAROMAT 1.2 Developer Jaro von Flocken creates some of the most compelling behaviors around. His Layers Fx is a breakthrough behavior - take one look at the falling leafs on his site and you'll understand. Not to be missed.

Last Updated object
A revised version of a much-used object that inserts the date of the last revision to a Web page. Click the Object button on the floating navbar to get to this and other objects.
Image Gauge behavior
Adds a progress bar that increases as your images are preloaded.
Toggle Layer behavior
A simple switch to show and hide layers at the click of a button.
Calendar behavior
One of my favorites - pops up a month of the current month and allows a selected date to be entered in a particular style in a form. Great for valid date entry.
Layer fx behavior
Along with Mouse Trace and Stop Layer fx, this behavior adds a whole new level of mathematical complexity to your layer's movements, automatically. You can script your own algebraic function or use one of the pre-built formulas: circle, ellipse, spiral, falling, pendulum, shake, flying around and - my personal fave - fly around and stick on mouse.
Zoom Text behavior
Flies text in and out of the screen in a layer, making it larger as it moves. I used it above in the Objects, etc. Roundup logo.

DREAMWEAVER DEPOT If I remember correctly, Andrew Wooldrige posted the very first user-created object and behavior. He continues to add valuable extensions to Dreamweaver capabilities, month after month.

JS Jump Menu object
An enhanced version of the original navigation tool that allowed you to choose your Web destination from a drop-down list. This version adds the ability to trigger any JavaScript command from the same form object.

TMT's DREAMWEAVER PAGE Massimo Foti has created a slew of behaviors affecting the browser window and, more recently, layers. Massimo works for the The Fantastic Corporation, developers of a broadband multimedia software system, and Massimo includes an object for their plug-in, Firestream, that handles streaming MPEG audio and video.

Scroll Layer
This behavior, in combination with Scroll Layer Stop and Scroll Layer By, overcoming one of the most vexing problems with layers - the lack of cross-browser support for the overflow attribute. A much needed behavior, implemented well.
Clip Layer
Allows programmatic control of the clipping of layer.
Set Layer Z-Index
Let's you switch a layer's depth at the click (or the mouseOver) of a button.

THE EXCELLENT DREAMWEAVER SUPPLY BIN Kevin Bartz is on a bit of a hiatus - if you can call attending a high-pressure boarding school 6,000 miles from home a hiatus. However, I thought his site was worth a mention for the sheer number of transitions and effects that he has provided the community. If you can't find a behavior elsewhere, it might be because Kevin's already built it.