I have a long-standing fascination with the Web, mostly centering around Dreamweaver, the world's leading Web authoring tool, now developed by Adobe. I've written a good number of books and articles about Dreamweaver and related technologies; my most recent is the Dreamweaver CS3 Bible, published by Wiley.

A good part of my interest in Dreamweaver stems from its underlying extensibility layer. I've created a number of extensions myself and am currently Vice-President of Marketing for WebAssist, the leader provider of extensions for Adobe Dreamweaver. Views expressed here are my own and not those of the company.

Thursday, April 3

Dreamweaver CS3 Simulations now online

One of the great features in my last couple of editions of the Dreamweaver Bible have been the "simulations" that walk you through the many common Dreamweaver operations from collapsing and moving code to integrating Spry data sets. The simulations were created using Adobe Captivate, by one of the foremost experts in the program Mark Fletcher - who also happens to be a co-worker of mine at WebAssist and a very good friend.

If you're just getting up to speed with Dreamweaver, these simulations (along with the practice files included in the CD-ROM) can act as a complete training course - and if you just need a reminder on how something is done, you can go right to that technique. Because they are interactive - meaning you perform each action in the Dreamweaver environment - they tend to be more effective than ordinary tutorials. Most people find that, as they've actually done it once rather than just read about it, their muscle memory kicks in when they do it for real and they retain the details better.

So that more people can benefit from these, I've posted the simulations included in the Dreamweaver CS3 Bible CD-ROM for all to view online. You can find them here on my site. If you've already got the book but haven't had a chance to check them out, I urge you to do so. If you don't have the Dreamweaver CS3 Bible, it's a good way to see - interactively - what it has to offer.

Best - Joe



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