I have a long-standing fascination with the Web, mostly centering around Dreamweaver, the world's leading Web authoring tool, now developed by Adobe. I've written a good number of books and articles about Dreamweaver and related technologies; my most recent is the Dreamweaver CS3 Bible, published by Wiley.

A good part of my interest in Dreamweaver stems from its underlying extensibility layer. I've created a number of extensions myself and am currently Vice-President of Marketing for WebAssist, the leader provider of extensions for Adobe Dreamweaver. Views expressed here are my own and not those of the company.

Tuesday, May 29

DW + PS sittin' in a tree...

One of the most notable—and most desperately desired—features of Dreamweaver CS3 is the ability to work smoothly with Photoshop. While not as robust as the round-trip Dreamweaver/Fireworks workflow, the DW/PS connection is pretty darn cool. I've written a brief article about how to use Dreamweaver and Photoshop together with WebAssist's SiteAssist. The techniques described can be easily applied to any graphics back-and-forth, but I just thought the SiteAssist tie-in was so sweet, I couldn't resist.

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Sunday, May 27

Amazon time-warp reviews

Ah well, win some, lose some. Although I was able to get the first book out on Dreamweaver CS3 up on Amazon, they managed to link a slew of earlier reviews to the catalog page, thus confusing everyone. The 11 reviews referenced are all from the very first book in the series, circa 1998-99. While I appreciate the time-capsule perspective, it's a mistake--and one Amazon will hopefully correct sooner than later.

Sunday, May 13

Dreamweaver CS3 Bible lives!

I'm extremely happy to announce that the Dreamweaver CS3 Bible is now available. This is the first time in--oh, ever--that I've managed to complete the book in a somewhat timely fashion.

The book covers all the changes in CS3 with a full chapter devoted to Spry and big sections on the integration of Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Fireworks. Mark Fletcher did a fantastic job on the interactive tutorials that accompany the book which he built using Adobe Captivate 2.