These files are taken directly from my working files built while working on CSS Hacks and Filters. In many cases, they were constructed as examples of a single concept or hack; some intentionally present an unhacked page that breaks in the browser. The files are solely intended to be used in conjunction with the book. Drop me a line if you encounter any problems with them in this regard at

Chapter 2 - Filtering CSS for Older Browsers
Chapter 3 - Hiding CSS from Newer Browsers
Chapter 4 - Applying Conditional Comments
Chapter 5 - Scripting JavaScript and DOM Hacks
Chapter 7 - Enhancing Graphics and Media with CSS
Chapter 8 - Maintaining Accessibility with CSS
Chapter 9 - Integrated CSS Hack Layouts
Chapter 10 - Building Navigation Systems
Chapter 11 - Troubleshooting CSS
Chapter 13 - Creating CSS-Savvy Dreamweaver Templates