CSS Hacks for you and me...

"The theory of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a means to an end: better, more efficient Web site design. In the real world, however, CSS does not provide a perfect, clear-cut path to that goal. To achieve the promise of CSS, working designers have employed a series of workarounds known collectively as hacks.At the most basic level, a CSS hack is a modification to the standard CSS code. Like any deviation from the norm, the use of CSS hacks has both its supporters and detractors: Some designers feel CSS hacks are an absolute necessity and others fervently oppose them.

Whether you’re incorporating CSS hacks or not is a choice every Web designer must make. For me, CSS hacks are a fact of life — and they get the job done. To hack or not to hack: in a perfect world, no; in the real world, yes."

- from CSS Hacks and Filters by Joseph Lowery

On this site, you'll find information about my book, CSS Hacks and Filters, as well as support files along with CSS hack and filter training simulations.